National Debt

The national debt is the result of recurring budget deficits which are the direct result of poor leadership on the part of our elected officials. This is one of the most serious crises facing our country and must be remedied through fiscal responsibility, transparency and better-balanced budgets. Any year that the federal budget operates at a deficit, all elected federal officials should see a salary decrease.

Term Limits

I believe that career politicians hurt the American people. I strongly believe that politicians should make their intended term in a particular office known to their constituents and should strongly hold to the intended time.

Campaign Finance Reform

I strongly believe that we as Americans need to end corruption in our political system. The American Anti-Corruption Act, is designed to limit the influence of money in American politics by overhauling lobbying, transparency, and campaign finance laws.


Children are the lifeblood our future which means that the future is in the hands of our educators. We need to be vigilant in fighting for our educators while enabling them to innovate, be creative in the classroom, and stop teaching to a test.

It’s paramount that we provide the funding, and support for increased awareness of our CTE, and Vocational Programs already in our school systems today while working with State Officials on closing the wage gap we have presently in America.


Quality healthcare must be made affordable and accessible to all Americans. I do not support government-regulated healthcare and strongly oppose mandating people who cannot afford Healthcare to have it or be penalized for not having it.

I strongly believe in regulatory controls ensuring the cost of medication affordable for all Americans while providing transparency around costs associated with any and all medical procedures.

Gun Laws

The level of gun violence in America today is unacceptable. America, and especially her children, should feel safe in any environment. We support the Second Amendment and the people’s right to responsible gun ownership.

We need to use Firearm Education as a smart approach to protecting our children and citizens that won’t impede on our individual liberties as Americans.

Government Shutdowns

If the President, and Legislature fail their duty via a government shutdown then, all elected and appointed officials at the federal level shall go without pay for the duration of the shutdown and shall not receive back pay for the time of the shutdown. Mutual accountability is paramount as we move forward in this decade.


As a nation of immigrants, I strongly support legal immigration. I also support clear and reasonable pathways to citizenship for those law-abiding persons in the country.  I also believe in our moral duty to help genuine asylum seekers.

Veterans Initiatives

As the proud grandson of a Colonel in the USAF, I’m inspired and awestruck by the service of our hero’s in uniform. These patriots, defend our freedom and deserve the very best in healthcare, education, and financial assistance.