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Jeremy Bravo
Together For Texas

Jeremy Bravo is running fearlessly to represent Texas’ 31st Congressional District, because like a lot of Texans, he’s grown weary of the dead-end political circus in Washington D.C. that leads to constant bickering and accomplishes little. Jeremy promises to work tirelessly for the people, for solutions, and help change the dynamics of the political ecosystem today.

Jeremy Bravo has dedicated his life to helping ALL people using the momentum of change for growth and improvement. Throughout his experience across various sectors, he has always led with conviction, courage, and has never been afraid to challenge the status quo. He was admittedly not an active voter, and had no congressional aspirations at the start of 2019.

He is one of the majority of Americans who doesn’t believe in the rhetoric of politicians today, which has led him into uncharted territory during this election cycle. He was originally a Republican, found common ground with both parties and filed as a Democratic Candidate on July 8th, 2019. He decided to terminate his campaign in September, citing fundamental ideological differences from both parties. He decided to sign a Declaration of Intent to refile as an Independent Candidate in the 2020 election cycle with a premise of representing all Americans.

“We the People” are the first three words of the United States Constitution which represents ALL people in America including Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Independent, and anyone who does not affiliate with a political party. He believes that the “People” should be defining the policy that makes sense for America.

American policy shouldn’t be defined by a particular partisan platform, and we should embrace each other’s diversity to do the right thing for the American people together. He believes listening to the constituency and working collaboratively with State and Local representation, no matter what the political affiliation, will strengthen our communities significantly.

Jeremy Bravo is committed to having a diverse Congressional team that includes Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, and Non-partisans on a premise Abraham Lincoln derived as Principle Symmetry.

He is a working father and native Texan who believes in equal opportunity, fairness, freedom, family, community, and a responsibility to ourselves and each other. He believes in creating communities of hope that are industrious for many generations to come while being relentless on tackling the nation’s most troubling issues we’re facing today.

He was raised by a single mom, his hero, worked as a young man, through high school and college. He knows what it takes to get where he is today, and wants to ensure all Americans have the same opportunity. He is a fighter, and is willing to work fearlessly with each and every group to drive change together to create an ecosystem of good, and a better tomorrow to ensure we all have a fair shot at achieving the American Dream together.




    I’m going to fight to win this race, and I’m counting on all of you to help support our campaign. Will you donate today to show you’re as committed as I am to this campaign?